Tasmanian Tonic Company

Fine gin deserves a fine tonic.

The Tasmanian Tonic Company was born of a desire to complement the experience of fine Tasmanian gin; to provide a range of uniquely Tasmanian flavours that enhance the spirit. 

Our sophisticated tonic syrups tone down the sweetness to allow the spirit to be at the forefront while introducing complementary Tasmanian flavours. 

For tonic water, our syrups are mixed with soda water to your taste (start at 1 part syrup to 8 parts soda). Each 300ml bottle will yield 2.7 litres of tonic water, meaning it is always fresh and bubbly - and without so much packaging.

 Beyond G&T, our syrups appeal to the creative barman for a range of traditional and entirely new cocktails.

Shipping within Australia is $15 for up to three bottles or free for more than three (select free shipping at Checkout).

In Tasmania? You can buy our products at Drink Co, Island Tastings, Johnston & Miller, Lipscombe Larder, Hill St Grocers, Cool Wines, Hop Vine & Still, E

Our Product Range

Play with your drinks! Our products are in syrup form to which you can add soda water to create tonic water for mixed drinks. We recommend that you mix 1 part syrup to 8 parts soda water - but play around until you find what is right for you and your gin. Our syrups are also an excellent choice for cocktails - marinate your olives for a dirty martini, a dash of Bushfire with your spiced rum, some Leatherwood in a whiskey cocktail...

Leatherwood Honey Tonic Syrup

Unique Tasmanian honey combines with the mild bitterness of quinine and a lowered sugar content to provide flavour without overpowering sweetness. It will not overwhelm delicate spirits, but holds its own in the face of strong botanicals.

Pepper Berry Tonic Syrup

Quinine at the first taste slides gracefully into a distinct yet subtle bite of Tasmanian Pepper Berry at the finish. Lime and lemon complete a fine balance to match with any gin or a fascinating addition to cocktails.

Mediterranean Tonic Syrup

For spirits with their own complexity of flavours, this syrup lowers the sugar whilst maintaining the quinine to enhance without overwhelming.

Bushfire Tonic Syrup

Eucalyptus (Bluegum) and smoke (Sugargum) flavours reminiscent of campfires in the Tasmanian bush combine perfectly with distinctive gin (and even whiskey) to provide the true taste of the island state.

"These are so refreshing and delicious, and so much more complex than regular, commercially-available tonic water. Yes, the colour is a little unexpected, but that's because of the unprocessed nature of these small-batch syrups. They're also less sweet, so they don't overpower the flavour of your chosen gin."



About Us

Dina and Andrew

Business Owners

Arriving home in our island state of Tasmania after 12 years interstate and overseas, we discovered a most remarkable distilling industry producing outstanding product. The subtlety and range of flavours was immense.

We set out to compliment those fine spirits with fine mixers. So was born the Tasmanian Tonic Company.

The range we have developed enhances the spirit with distinctly Tasmanian flavours - Pepper Berry, Leatherwood Honey and a combination of Bluegum Eucalyptus with Sugargum smoke we're calling Bushfire. For very subtle spirits, we also offer Mediterranean-style; our lightest yet still flavourful product.

All of our syrups tone down the sugar to allow the spirit to the forefront. Handcrafted in small batches, these are "dirty" tonics, providing exciting colours to your beverage.